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Octoprint Plugins

General Purpose


This plugin helps you create, edit and delete your custom controls. You can easly access all the options in the settings under customControl.


Lets you add custom G-code command buttons to OctoPrint's Terminal view tab


Adds a dropdown for better file management.


The Firmware Updater plugin can be used to flash pre-compiled firmware images to your printer from a local file or URL.


Plugin for Octoprint to allow sending GCode commands from the sidebar.


Displays Temperatures on the Navbar.


Replaces the temperature graph with an interactive and zoomable one


Turn on/off terminal autoscroll when scrolling up/down


OctoPrint’s state sidebar display panel used to display the current Z height of the printer’s nozzle.


Displays the current layer and total layers for a print job

M73 ETA Override

Plugin that overrides OctoPrint ETA to values from last M73 gcode sent to the printer (there's an option in the printer settings of PrusaSlicer to enable this)

Detailed Progress

A plugin that sends M117 commands to the printer to display the progress of the print job being currently streamed. The message to display can be configured (some placeholders included).


Connects OctoPrint events to IFTTT.


OctoRant is a plugin allowing Octoprint to send notifications to a Discord channel via a webhook URL. When wanted it can directly send a snapshot to Discord (without needing third-party services)


This plugin is designed to show statistics of your printer and estimate power usage in kWh


Plugin for OctoPrint - saves filename, print time and filament usage for each print (even though it's unmaintained, it works perfect and there's nothing else like it)

Fullscreen Webcam

Open the webcam feed in fullscreen mode with extra details about the printjob


Beautiful themes for octoprint


A touch friendly interface for Mobile and TFT touch modules

Exclude Region

Adds the ability to prevent printing within rectangular or circular regions of the currently active gcode file (useful when printing multiple objects and one fails mid print)


Cancel single objects during a print based on gcode comment lines (must be enabled 'Label objects' in the slicer for this to work)

Prusa Specific

PrusaSlicer Thumbnail Preview
PrusaMeshMap - AndyQ Fork

This plugin takes Prusa's G81 mesh level output and translates it into an easy to read heatmap using matplotlib.