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The Prusa Powder Coated Sheet (PC) is a unique approach to the more traditional build plates for consumer 3d printers. It uses a layer of powdered Ultem (PEI) that is bonded to the spring steel unlike the smooth PEI sticker on the smooth Prusa build plates. This means printing on the sheet is a little bit different:

  • The Live Z if adjusting from a smooth sheet is generally approx -.350 lower.
  • DO NOT USE ACETONE on the PC sheet as it has been observed to cause cracking and rapid degradation of the sheet.
  • Allow the build plate to cool before removing parts - they should automatically release and lift right off.
  • The PC sheet will leave a distinct textured bottom to the prints.
  • Adhesives(glue stick/Hair Spray)/bonding agents are generally not necessary and should be avoided.

Prusa Research - How to print on a powder-coated sheet

Third-party Powder Coated Sheets

The community has found third-party powder coated sheets to overall work better than the official Prusa one, holding PLA prints to the sheet better and releasing PETG prints easier. Below are the two recommended third party sheets: