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For convenience and the ability to accurately measure how much filament you have left on your spool, here's the weight of the spool of various manufacturers to the best of community knowledge.

Search the page using your browser to find your specific brand of filament. Happy printing!

NB: when given, weights are in grams, dimensions are millimeters (mm).

Manufacturer Flavor (type, size, etc) Year Spool Weight, g End Attachment Picture Comment
123-3D 198
3D Online 227
3DOnline Spool.jpg
3D Ware 211
3D Ware Empty spool.jpg
3D-Fuel PLA, 1 KG 2021 262 90 degree bend/hook
Ribbed style sides. Very consistent weight across 7 tested spools. This is just under their claimed weight of 265g.
3D-Fuel PLA, 1 KG 2021 288-294 90 degree bend/hook
Solid style sides. Weight ranged across 3 samples.
3D Fuel 264 90 degree bend
3DFIL 1kg 235 g Diameter=200, Width=63, Core diam=54
3dJake 250g 108 g Diameter=140, Width=44, Core diam=51
3dJake TPU 750g 212 g Diameter=200, Width=51, Core diam=53
3dJake 1kg 240 g Diameter=200, Width=75, Core diam=52
3dJake 2.3kg 605 g Diameter=300, Width=103, Core diam=51.5
3dJake 4kg 870 g Diameter=350, Width=110, Core diam=51.5
3dJake 8kg 1045 g Diameter=355, Width=182, Core diam=36
3DO PETG, 1kg 2023 255 g
3d Online PLA 1kg 208 g Diameter=198, Width=70, Core diam=57
Abfil 750g/1kg 248 g Diameter=200, Width=67, Core diam=53
AIO Robotics PLA 500g V1 115
AIO full spool V1 from Amazon
AIO Robotics PLA 500g V2 210
AIO full spool V2 on scale
Amolen 190
Amolen rev.2 2023 148
Amolen 2023.jpg
AmazonBasics PLA, Silk PLA 2023 264
Amazon Basics 1kg 200 g Diameter=200, Width=75, Core diam=53
AMZ3D PETG, 1kg 2022 230.6 g 90 degree bend/hook
AMZ3D 1kg PETG spool.jpg
Diameter=200, Width=65, Core diam=55
AMZ3D PLA, 1kg 2018 230 g 90 degree bend/hook
AMZ3D 1kg PLA spool.jpg
Diameter=200, Width=65, Core diam=55
Anet 1kg PLA 226 g Diameter=200, Width=65, Core diam=56
Arianeplast 750g 224 g Diameter=200, Width=45, Core diam=55
Arianeplast 1kg 226 g Diameter=200, Width=65, Core diam=55
Arianeplast 2,3k 680 g Diameter=300, Width=100, Core diam=55
Atomic Filament PLA, 1kg 2015 319
AzureFilm PLA, 1kg 2021 163 Older design, they have a new one for 2022
AzureFilm 1000g (and 750g wood), black with small Cores 2023 220
Source: AzureFilm customer support
Basicfil PLA, 500g 2021 187
Bambulab 1KG White plastic 2023 207 g
20231109 231838.jpg
Cardboard ring in center weights 36 g so total weight is 243 g
Basicfil 1kg 225 g Diameter=200, Width=80, Core diam=50.5
CC3D 164
CC3D PLA MAX 2021 153
CC3D 1kg PLA MAX spool.jpg
Diameter=198, Width=64, Core diam=53
Clas Ohlson PLA, 1kg 2021 175
Clas pla 1kg.jpg
old spool design?
Cookiecad PLA 177
Cookiecad Spool Mint Chip
Comgrow 207 Bent through Core
Coex LLC PLA, 1kg 2020 335
COEX PLA, 1 KG 2022 320
COEX Unempty.jpg
They are switching to cardboard soon.
ColorFabb 1kg 240 g Diameter=200, Width=66, Core diam=62
ColorFabb 2,3kg EcoPla 590 g Diameter=300, Width=100, Core diam=55
Creality 1 Kg, old 141
Creality Spool Older Design.jpg
Creality 1 Kg, new est. ~200-220 near identical design to newer Gembird spools
Creality CR-PLA(PLA+) 140 90 degree bend
CR-PLA(PLA+) Spool.png
Creality 1kg 138 g Diameter=200, Width=63, Core diam=54
Creality 1kg Hyper ABS 2023 180 g Tucked into Core Cardboard Spool, Diameter=200, Width=58, Core diam=88
Creality 1kg Hyper PLA 2024 173 g Tucked into Core
Creality Hyper PLA.jpg
Cardboard Spool, Diameter=200, Width=64, Hole diam=55
Dagoma Chromatik 750g 204 g Diameter=200, Width=52
Dayfil 1kg carton 190 g Diameter=200, Width=80, Core diam=56
Dikale 1kg 178
Dikale Spool.jpg
Dikale Old 196 bent through Core
Duramic 3D cardboard 132
Duramic 3D Cardboard spook in scale on scale
Duramic 3D 1kg Cardboard 2022 136
Duramic 3D 1kg cardboard spool.jpg
Diameter=200, Width=65, Core diam=55
Duramic 3D PLA+, 1kg 2022 236
Duramic 3D 1kg spool.jpg
Diameter=200, Width=67, Core diam=55
Elegoo PLA, 1 KG 2022 171 90 degree bend/hook
Elegoo Spool Weight.jpeg
Cardboard Spool
Eono (Amazon) 1kg 192
Eono 1kg spool.jpg
EPESTOEC 1KG Spool, PLA 2023 159g 90 degree bend
EPESTOEC 1kg.jpg
Black Spool, 5 Window
Eryone PLA 1kg 216 g Diameter=200, Width=64, Core diam=55
Eryone TPU 500g 190 g Diameter=200, Width=37, Core diam=53
Eryone 1kg spool 186
Eryone spool.jpg
Eryone PLA Marble, 1kg 2020 181
Eryone 1kg Spool.jpg
Diameter=200, Width=63, Core diam=54
Eryone Cardboard, 1kg 187
eSUN PLA+, eMarble, eSilk, eTPU 242 90 degree bend
ESUN empty spool.jpg
Weight is an average of 10 empty spools
eSUN eSilk 2021 211 90 degree bend
eSUN eSilk-PLA empty spool from 2021 (United Kingdom)
eSun Transparent 214-220 g Diameter=200, Width=60, Core diam=51
eSun standard 230 g
eSun Réutilisable 160g Diameter=200, Width=65
eSun 1kg noire 250 g Diameter=200, Width=64, Core diam=54
eSun 500g transparent 203 g
eSun 500g noir 212 g
eSun 1.75mm PLA+ Grey 2023 633
ESun 3kg spool.jpg
Diameter=269, Width=102, Core diam=53
eSun 1.75mm ePLA-ST Grey 2022 262
ESun 1kg ePLA-ST spool-2.jpg
Diameter=199, Width=65, Core diam=54
eSun 1.75mm PLA+ White 2022 266
ESUN 1kg PLA+ spool.jpg
Diameter=200, Width=64, Core diam=54
eSun 1.75mm ePLA+HS Black Cardboard 2023 153
ESun ePLA+HS Cardboard Spool.jpg
Diameter=200, Width=63, Core diam=54
Extrudr PLA 1,1kg 240 g Diameter=200, Width=66, Core diam=62
Extrudr TPU 750g 228 g Diameter=200, Width=53, Core diam=53
Extrudr Extrudr 2.5kg 590 g Diameter=300, Width=100, Core diam=55
Fillamentum 233
Fillamentum Spool.jpg
Craft Filament
Filament-PM 500g Spool 205 None/loose
Filament-PM 1kg Spool 225 None/loose
FilamentOne 220
Flashforge ABS, 1kg 2020 176
Flashforge ABS.jpeg
Flashforge PLA, 1kg 175
Form Futura rPLA, 750g 151 Loose in Core
Photo of empty cardboard spool of FormFutura's 750g rPLA
Francemaker 1kg 205 g Diameter=200, Width=63, Core diam=52
Francofil 500g 227 g Diameter=200, Width=55, Core diam=52
Francofil 750g-1kg 246 g Diameter=200, Width=67, Core diam=52
Francofil 5kg-10kg 1050 g Diameter=335, Width=245, Core diam=51
Geeetech \ Giantarm PLA 1kg spool 180 90 degree bend
Geeetech PLA Spool
Geeetech 1kg 183 g Diameter=195, Width=64, Core diam=64
Gelo 1kg 186
Giantarm 1kg 197 g Diameter=200, Width=65, Core diam=–
Gizmo Dorks 1kg 156
GNVTNTP TRICOLOR CoExtruded PLA 1KG 2022 156
Cardboard Spool
GoHigh 1kg 127 g Diameter=194, Width=60, Core diam=72
Grossiste3d PLA 1kg 215 g Diameter=198, Width=65, Core diam=54
Grossiste3d PLA 500g 208 g Diameter=200, Width=35, Core diam=54
GST3D PLA 1kg 200 g Diameter=196, Width=63, Core diam=52
GST3D PLA 1Kg 212gr but other spools: 241gr not bend
GST3D 207 not bend
Hatchbox Old 224
Old style w/ lip
Hatchbox PLA, 1kg 2020 245
Hatchbox 1kg Spool.jpg
Diameter=200, Width=67, Core diam=55
HZST3D 1kg 177
Inland 1kg 222 90 degree bend
Inland Spool.jpg
Inland 500g 196 90 degree bend
Inland Reusable 205g, 240g*
*240g with the 35g inner tube left over from Inland 1kg PLA+ Refills
Ice 750g 200 g Diameter=198, Width=56, Core diam=53
Jayo 1KG Spool, PLA 2023 135g 90 degree bend
Jayo Cardboard Spool.jpg
KIMYA PETG-S, 750g 2023 242 g
Kingroon PLA, 1KG spool 2022 166.6g
Kingroon spool.jpg
Machines3d 750g 203 g Diameter=200, Width=52, Core diam=53
Maker Geeks 1kg 193 g
Material4print 1Kg Spool PETG 2020 240 g
Diameter=200, With=53, Core diam=54
Markforged Onyx 800cc/960g Loose in Core
Markforged Onyx spool
MatterHackers build 250
MatterHackers build PLA 2022 213
MECH Solutions PLA+, 1kg 2022 254
MECH Solutions 1kg Spool.jpg
Diameter=199, Width=63, Core diam=54
MiKA3D PLA, 500 g 115 g Same spool as AIO Robotics 500g spool
Nanovia 500g Spool 2014 255 None/loose
Nanovia 500g polycarbonate spool
Nanovia 500g Spool 2021 182 None/loose
Nanovia 500g cardboard filament spool
Nanovia 2kg Spool 2021 668 None/loose
Nanovia 2000g cardoard filament spool
Neofil 750g 210 g Diameter=199, Width=53, Core diam=53
Novamaker PLA, 1kg 180
Photo of empty spool of Novamaker's 1kg PLA
Numakers PLA+, 1kg 200
Octofiber 1kg 240 g Diameter=200, Width=55, Core diam=53
Overture type I (1 kg), PLA, PETG 2023 238
Overture type II 187
Overture Cardboard 176
Overture Cardboard 2023 170
Overture (2023).jpg
OWL PLA, 1kg 186-190
Paramount 3D 1kg 208
Paramount 3D Spool.jpg
Plastika Trček 1kg 2019 218 90 degree bend/hook
Plastika trcek 1kg.jpg
Proto-Pasta 100
Prusa Research Prusament 300g Mini Spool 130
Prusa Research Prusament, PLA, 1kg 193
Prusament Spool.jpg
Diameter=200, Width=72, Core diam=50
Prusa Research Prusament, PLA, 2kg 226-228.5 90 degree bend
Prusa 2kg Spool.jpg
Diameter=200, Width=123, Core diam=50
Prusa Research Made for Prusa Research 234 90 degree bend
Made for Prusa Spool.jpg
Polymaker Polycast, 750g 224
Photo of empty spool of Polymaker's 750g Polycast
Polymaker Polyterra 1KG 187
Polymaker Polyterra empty 1 kilogram spool
Polymaker PolyTerra PLA, 1 kg 2022 137 90 degree bend/Cores
Cardboard Spool, printed weight 140g
Prima Value 1kg 245 g Diameter=200, Width=75, Core diam=53
Prinsfil 1kg Diameter=200, Width=57, Core diam=78
Printed Solid PLA 1.75mm 1kg plastic spool 326 90 degree bend
Printed Solid 1kg plastic spool
Push Plastic 328 Loose in Core
Real Filament 1kg, cardboard 208 Slight bend through Core
Photo of empty cardboard spool of Real Filament's 1kg PETG
RECREUS PETG, 750g 2023 232 g
Replitech PLA 1.81kg (4Lbs) 600M Spool 2022 178 g
20231018 235407.jpg
Spool size: 210mm diameter x 86mm width; Center Core: 52mm diameter
Redline Filament 1kg 200 g
Renkforce PLA, 1kg 179
Repkord PLA 193
Rosa3d PLA-PETG-800g 231 g Diameter=200, Width=53, Core diam=53
Rosa3d 800g transparente 242 g Diameter=?, Width=?, Core diam=?
RS Pro 1kg 237 g Diameter=200, Width=75, Core diam=53
Sainsmart TPU 800g 187 g Diameter=200, Width=62, Core diam=57
Sainsmart TPU 250g 108 g Diameter=155, Width=37, Core diam=54
Sakata 1kg HR870 257 g Diameter=200, Width=66, Core diam=53
SIMAX3D PLA 1kg 2020 202
SIMAX3D 1kg PLA spool.jpg
Diameter=200, Width=74, Core diam=53
Smart Materials (Makershop) PLA 750g 240 g Diameter=200, Width=53, Core diam=53
Sunlu 150
Sunlu PLA+ 1kg 2023 132
Sunlu PLA+ 1kg 2023 155
Sunlu PLA+ old 145 g
Sunlu PETG 1kg 130 g
Sunlu Masterspool 1kg 200 g
Sunlu 133 90 degree bend
Sunlu 250g spool 55
Sunlu250g spool
Steadytech 1kg 179
StrongHero3D 151
StrongHero3D 1kg spool.jpg
Spectrum 247
3D Solutech 173
SK-Honpo PLA, 1kg 2022 171
SK-Honpo PLA.jpeg
Japanese distributor
Stronghero3D Black Spool, 1 kg, 4 windows 2022 154 90 degree bend/Cores
Stronghero 4cutout.jpg
Black Spool, 4 windows (with bars)
Stronghero3D Black Spool, 1 kg, 5 windows 2022 123 90 degree bend/Cores
Stronghero 5cutout.jpg
Black Spool, 5 windows
Stronghero3D Clear Spool, 1 kg, 5 windows 2022 121 90 degree bend/Cores
Stronghero 5cutout clear.jpg
Clear Spool, 5 windows
Suntop PLA, 1kg 2022 177
Suntop Spool Weight.jpg
Sparta ABS+ ABS+ 2022 157
ABS Fluorescent Blue 1296x.webp
Clear Spool
SOBV3D 1kg 210 g Diameter=199, Width=70, Core diam=51
SOBV3D 1kg Démontable 152 g Diameter=200, Width=71, Core diam=52
TecBears 133 90 degree bend seems to be Sunlu spool
Thumwan 1kg 192 g Diameter=199, Width=66, Core diam=54
Tianse PLA, 1kg 2021 180
Tianse 1kg Spool.jpg
Diameter=196, Width=60, Core diam=75
Tinmorry 1kg 186 g Diameter=198, Width=65, Core diam=55
Tinmorry 184
Tinmorry 1kg spool.jpg
Similar to Eryone
Torwell3D PLA, 1kg 2020 185
Torwell PLA Empty Spool.jpg
TTYT3D PLA, 1kg 2022 173
TTYT3D Rainbow Silk Weight.jpeg
Similar to DO3D Spool
TTYT3D 1KG cardboard 2023 121 g
20231109 234104.jpg
Verbatim PETG 1kg 238 g Diameter=200, Width=75, Core diam=52
Voolt3D PLA, 1kg 2022 209 Brazilian manufacturer
Voxelab PLA Pro, 1kg 2022 172
Voxelab PLA Pro Spool
Voxelab PLA, 1kg 2022 137
Voxelab PLA Spool
Wanhao 1kg 239 g Diameter=195, Width=57
Warhorse 133 90 degree bend
seems to be Sunlu spool
Yoyi 175g loose
Yoyi TPU 169 g
Zyltech PLA, 1 KG 2022 94
Zyltech Spool Weight.jpg
5 Spoke plastic spool.
Ziro 226
Zortrax 800g 183 g
Zortrax 1Kg 178 g

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