Stop Oozing During Mesh Leveling

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Ooze Prevention examples

u/Screwyluie's method of ooze prevention using PrusaSlicer.

One of the first modifications I ever made to my prusa was to stop the oozing during the mesh leveling... you know those little turds it likes to leave behind.

The idea is to warm the nozzle but not hot enough to allow for the filament to start flowing. Most filament will flow at 170c, some as low as 160c. So in the example image bellow I have changed the starting gcode to warm to 155c before mesh leveling and then the proper first layer temp after it's done.

So there's a couple steps to this. First copy the lines starting with M104 and M109 and paste them AFTER the G80 mesh leveling command. The go back and edit the original two lines. Remove:


and replace it with


Now save the profile and then remember to use the new profile when slicing.

PrusaSlicer Example of this method.