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SuperSlicer is a fork/rebuild of PrusaSlicer that introduces many new features that PrusaSlicer lacks, based on community feedback. Some notable features include:

  • Custom-made generated calibration tests (Flow calibration, Bed Level calibration, Retraction calibration, Temperature tower generation, etc).
  • Ironing top surface & many new settings to fine-tune the top surface quality, like 'only one perimeter on top'.
  • A "denser infill" option for supporting the (solid) top layers.
  • Better Thin walls (anchored inside the print, no more random bits at the ends, embedded in perimeter loops).
  • Options to change holes dimensions and/or geometry, to print them at the right size.
  • Better overhangs (add perimeters if needed, slice them in opposite direction each layer).
  • Brim rework: many more options (inside, outside only, 'ears', per object)
  • Some new seam options, to help hide them.
  • Built-in calibration prints
  • Built-in object generation script
  • Can join perimeters into a big one to avoid travel moves.
  • Many other little options and corrections (like the filled concentric pattern).
  • It has also all the current slic3rPE/PrusaSlicer features.

You can download the latest release here: